Building Services: 
Q: Can my inspection be done today? 
A: Inspections called in between the hours of 7am and 9am can be done the same day. Otherwise, inspections are completed the next business day. FYI: Although Town Hall is closed on Friday's you can have an inspection done if requested on Thursday. Or you can call Charleston County Building Services at 843-202-6930 and request your inspection through their office. 

Q: Do I need a permit to put up a fence? 
A: Fences built at or under 6 feet tall do not require a permit. 

Q: When is a building permit not required? 
A: An accessory structure that is less than 20 sq. ft. 

Business License: 
Q: How much is a business license? 
A: The cost of a business license is based on the revenues generated in the Town of Hollywood only. 

 Planning/Zoning Administration: 
Q: I want to move a mobile home into the Town. What is my first step? 
A: The first step is to meet with the Planner/Zoning Administrator to verify zoning. You may also obtain an information packet detailing all documents needed prior to approval for permits. 

Q: What is required for building permits? 
A: Residential permits require a plat of the proposed site, verification of septic permit or sewer access, two sets of construction and site plans and a tree survey (if applicable). 
Commercial permits require all of the above, as well as an engineer's site plan and letters from utility providers. 

Q: When is a permit required? 
A: A permit is required for new construction, additions, structural alterations, porches, decks, garages, sheds, accessory structures, and other projects involving electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and gas work. 

Q: Where do you obtain these items required for permitting? 
A: All 911 addresses are assigned by Charleston County (843) 202-7217, septic permits from DHEC (843) 202-7020, property plats may be obtained from the RMC office (843) 958-4800 and construction plans (which may include a tree survey and site plan) come from individual contractors/engineers/surveyors. 

Q: Can I make payments with a credit or debit card over the phone? 
A: Yes, for a small convenience fee. We accept Visa, Discover and Mastercards only.  

Q: Can I pay sewer impact fees after I receive my building permit? 
A: No. First, you MUST submit $2,950 to the Town for wastewater impact fees on residential sites. Commercial site impact fees are calcualted based on square footage and use.

Q: What does a permit cost? 
A: Mobile home permits are $250, residential and commercial building permits vary based on square footage and value of construction.