Date of Elections; Time of Taking Office

General Elections

All general elections for Mayor and Council shall be held on the first Tuesday of June of each odd numbered year. Each newly elected official shall take office on the first day of July.

Special Elections

Special elections shall be called as necessary in accordance with State law.

Conduct of Elections

All municipal elections shall be conductedby the Municipal Election Commission, in accordance with the election laws of the State of South Carolina. The polling place for municipal elections shall be Town Hall, unlessotherwise designated by Town Council. The Town will pay for all official expenses incurred in the conduct of municipal elections. The Municipal Election Commission shall give public notice of municipal elections at least sixty (60) days prior to the date of the election, in accordance with State law.

Method of Elections

All regular and special elections for the offices of Mayor and Council for the Town of Hollywood, South Carolina shall be non-partisan, form the municipality at large and by plurality vote. No political party affiliation shall be placed on a ballot for a candidate.

Requirements for Candidates

Each candidate for the offices of Mayor and Council is required to be a resident of the Town of Hollywood, and must be a registered voter of Charleston County.

The Municipal Election Commission (MEC)

The Municipal Election Commission is appointed by the Town Council and is composed of three electors who shall be residents of the Town of Hollywood, South Carolina.

Member terms are for six (6) years.

Edna Nesbitt, Chairperson
Maxine Buck, Commissioner
Patty Ravenel, Commissioner