Town Council

Form of Government
The form of government for the Town of Hollywood, South Carolina shall be the Mayor – Council form of government.

Municipalites under the mayor-council form have a mayor and no less than four councilmembers. The mayor presides over meetings. (S.C. Code 5-9-30 (3)), and calls special meetings. 

The mayor supervises departments, acts and votes as a member of council, and ensures the faithful execution of laws. In addition, the mayor prepares and submits a budget and capital program to council, makes an annual financial report to the public and council, and reports to the council on the operation of departments. 

Composition and Election of Council
The Council shall be composed of a Mayor and (6) six Councilmembers, who shall be elected at large. (Ord. 9/23/91; Referendum 3/3/92)

Terms of Mayor and Council
The Mayor and Councilmembers shall hold office for a period of four years or until their successors shall be duly elected and qualified. (11/27/89)